Boiler Installation

Boiler Installation

Combi Boiler Installation In Sheffield – Overview

Combi boilers or combination boilers are the most popular type of central heating installation in the UK. They are highly efficient as they only heat up the hot water as you use it. Unlike a heat only or system boiler there is no hot water cylinder attached to provide the hot water for the property. The hot water is only heated when someone opens a hot tap, thereby saving up to 50% on gas bills for hot water consumption. This is in comparison to having a traditional hot water cylinder to meet your hot water needs.

Space Saving Solution

They are also a great space saving solution because there is no requirement for a hot water cylinder and cold water tank to supply it. So you also have what is called a dry loft ie no feed and expansion tank in the loft for the hot water cylinder, and no feed and expansion tank in the loft for the central heating. This is because combi boilers operate by way of a pressurised system which is filled from the mains cold water supply, not a system which is fed from a tank in your loft. This eliminates the worry of having a problem with either of the tanks eg a burst pipe and water coming through the ceiling into bedrooms etc.

Financial Savings With a Combi Boiler Installation In Sheffield

Having no tanks in your loft and also having no hot water cylinder again means there are less things to go wrong on your system so less to maintain. Also the parts needed to incorporate a hot water cylinder into the system eg motorised valves are not required so again less to maintain overall.

There are also financial savings to be made on the installation of the system. There are no tanks to install in the loft, no hot water cylinder and associated controls, no need for an external pump when installing a combi boiler as the pump is fitted to the boiler and comes with it. A combi boiler also takes less time to install than a traditional system with HW cylinder, so there is a saving on labour required to complete the job as well.

Also there are significant financial savings to be made on gas bills and depending what type of system you are converting to, can reasonably expect savings of up to 50% on your current gas bills in real terms.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With a Combi Boiler

By removing an old and relatively inefficient heat only or system boiler, which is used for the central heating and hot water requirements of a property, then installing a high efficiency over 92% efficient condensing combination boiler, you can reasonably expect your gas consumption to reduce by up to 50% compared to the old system, thus reducing your household carbon footprint, with 50% less carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere.


Combi boilers are almost always chosen for the central heating and hot water requirements of the smaller houses because of the space needed to install system boilers and heat only boilers with hot water cylinders attached. Also, a hot water cylinder is only really required when there could be multiple people using the hot water supply simultaneously eg having a shower, running the bath and if its a two bathroom house, someone showering in the 2nd bathroom all at the same time. In these circumstances, a large capacity hot water cylinder would be required. But in one bathroom dwellings, combination boilers are usually capable of delivering a more than adequate hot water supply.

If you currently have a heat only or system boiler, and would like to remove the hot water cylinder to free up space in your house, or to reduce maintenance costs, improve efficiency and reduce gas bills – or all of the above – then a combi boiler is for you!

System boilers

System boilers power the central heating and have a hot water cylinder connected to them. Like combi boilers there is no need for a feed and expansion tank to serve the central heating system as it is fed from the mains cold water supply and is a pressurised system. They incorporate a pump and all the components necessary for a pressurised system to operate. As with all the boilers installed by us they are over 90% efficient. System boilers are generally fitted where there is a greater hot water demand than a combi boiler could satisfy.

Heat Only Boilers

These are similar to system boilers in so much as they require a hot water cylinder connecting to the system they serve to satisfy the hot water needs of the dwelling. But whereas the system boiler incorporates an expansion vessel to remove the need for a feed and expansion tank in the loft, the heat only boiler is fed by a tank and is an open vented system. Open vented means it has an open ended pipe which goes into the feed and expansion tank which accommodates expansion of the water in the system when used generally and would safely discharge any overheated water should the system overheat. Again, they are generally used in larger applications where there is a need for stored hot water because of the demand.

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